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Will prospective customers find your page when they're searching the web?
November 19, 2012, Leave a Comment

Long titles, small titles, funny titles, not-so-funny titles and an array of title types you can have for your website content or blog posts. However, a smart, SEO-friendly title is what you need to do to enjoy higher online traffic and revenues from a personal or business website.


Can LinkedIn’s InMaps Help You Promote Your Book?

November 14, 2012, Leave a Comment

If you’ve made the decision to market your self-published book on your own, the process starts with you and your network. Your first step will be th ...

What will you do to celebrate the launch of your new book?

Launching Your New Book: Planning Your Virtual Celebration

November 9, 2012, Leave a Comment

Earlier this week we talked about how publicity in the publishing world has changed (and continues) to change. Many self-publishers become their own p ...

New Kindle

Launching Your New Book: A Virtual Celebration

November 6, 2012, Leave a Comment

Once upon a time, authors celebrated the publication of their books with parties, readings, and signings. Often, the publisher would foot the bill, pr ...