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How do you go about the business of marketing your business book?
June 25, 2012, Leave a Comment

The business book market is highly competitive and ever-growing. To be successful, you must know your product, flex your expertise muscles, and keep your book relevant. The first step is […]

Pinterest can help you build a powerhouse author platform.

Social Media Update: Pinterest for Authors

June 20, 2012, Leave a Comment

Pinterest is a freight train barreling down the social media tracks. It’s hugely successful, currently valued at one billion dollars (maybe more!). ...


What is Metadata and Why Does it Matter to Self-Publishers?

June 12, 2012, Leave a Comment

In the publishing industry there’s a lot of talk about a book’s enhanced metadata. What is enhanced metadata? What does enhanced metadata do? Why ...

Pinterest for Authors

Pinspiration: How Writers (and Self-Publishers) Can Write Better Books with Pinterest

June 11, 2012, Leave a Comment

Pinterest is growing quickly and it is more diverse than you might think. As an author, you can draw inspiration through the image-rich social media p ...