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August 29, 2011, Leave a Comment

Writing from the heart and writing for the wallet: Can they meet in the middle?


Literary Libel and How to Avoid It: A Guide for Novelists

August 24, 2011, Leave a Comment

Literary libel cases are increasingly common. Here’s what novelists need to know to protect themselves from a lawsuit.


Your Book, 2.0: How to Make Your Second Edition a Success

August 18, 2011, Leave a Comment

Time to release an updated edition of your non-fiction book? Here’s how to make it a winner.


Fiction Writing 101: Common Beginner’s Mistakes

August 15, 2011, Leave a Comment

Don’t let these beginner's mistakes happen to you!

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    What Not To Tweet
    August 11, 2011, Leave a Comment

    Sometimes, the things you’re most tempted to tweet are the things you should try hardest to avoid. Here’s what not to tweet.