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November 30, 2010, Leave a Comment

This post is a continuation of a series about different angles you can use to create a successful (and addictive!) blog. So far, the types of blogs I’ve covered include The Insider, The Living-The-Dream-er, The Personal, and the Hobbyist. Here are two more that have the potential to hook readers …


Maria Smith

November 29, 2010, Leave a Comment

Maria Smith is a writer for StyleMatters. Recent Articles


Rock the Blog Part 3: Find Your Angle

November 23, 2010, Leave a Comment

This week, we’re looking at two more blogging angles and how to pull them off. Let’s get started!


Rock the Blog Part 2: Find Your Angle to Find Your Audience

November 16, 2010, Leave a Comment

In my last post, I talked about how to find a blogging topic you’re passionate about. In my next few posts, we’ll be looking at several effective ...

  • Adaptation
    November 3, 2010, Leave a Comment

    I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend who works at a literary agency when I was visiting New York City. When I asked her what her agency was acquiring these days, she rolled her eyes: “Every [publisher] wants books by ...