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August 31, 2010, 1 Comment

As an editor and a writer, there are a few online resources that I rely on to answer my questions and give me inspiration. Whether I’m struggling to remember a […]

Social Media Sits in the Palm of Your Handset: Get People Talking About Your Business

August 27, 2010, 1 Comment

Humans are social creatures, and we have a natural desire to broadcast our experiences to our audience, whoever they may be. Social media allows us to ...

The Birds and the Beasts: Good News for Non-fiction Writers

August 27, 2010, Leave a Comment

When I’m browsing the fiction in a bookstore, I’m like the choosy female bird in a nature documentary. I’m fickle. Picky. Suspicious. I acti ...

Barnes & Noble For Sale, And Why You Should Care

August 19, 2010, Leave a Comment

A few days ago, I met a Frustrated Writer at a pizza place.  This Frustrated Writer had written what he thought was a pretty good book, but it had be ...

  • Building a Relationship with your Copyeditor
    August 17, 2010, Leave a Comment

    Having your manuscript professionally edited is not easy. Debut novelist Emma Rathbone recently blogged that having her book edited was 80 percent harder than she originally anticipated. Copyediting is about more than adding a few comm ...

  • Submission Tips from an Insider’s Perspective
    August 11, 2010, Leave a Comment

    Submitting your manuscript or query letter to a publisher is a trying task. The dread of a possible rejection, combined with the hope of acceptance, creates a whirlwind of anticipation and anxiety that can leave you feeling confused and u ...