At StyleMatters we understand the budget limitations of academic work. We provide the services you need at prices you can afford.

For academic editing we charge $65 per hour, and we typically provide an accurate estimate of the overall cost for shorter projects such as journal articles. For example, you can expect to pay approximately:

  • $395: copyediting for 7500-word manuscript
  • $195: proofreading of 7500-word manuscript

For longer manuscripts, including dissertations, the hourly fee set-up may be employed. Every project is unique and will be evaluated on an individual basis. Variations in writing quality, technical language and author needs—including the length of the work and depth of the edit—can impact the final price.

We will work with you to design a package of services that meets your needs and your budget.

At StyleMatters, we believe each project is unique and deserves individualized attention. If you would like us to evaluate your manuscript for pricing, please take a few minutes to provide us with your project’s details so that we can best serve your needs.

As with any information gathered by StyleMatters, we will keep your entries here confidential. If you prefer to speak with a representative directly, please call us toll-free at (866) 792-6164. If you wish to e-mail us your information, please do so at – please make sure to attach the project assessment form.

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